Rourke Launches New Imprint, Ready Readers

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Ready, set, read! Rourke has launched a new imprint for emerging readers featuring a mix of nonfiction and fiction titles. Twenty new titles under the Ready Readers imprint are available now, with dozens more available in August 2017.

Books published under the Ready Readers imprint are designed to be used at multiple levels of early childhood literacy, from pre-readers listening to the books read aloud, to emerging readers who can read along, to beginning readers who can read them alone. Fascinating topics, vibrant photos and illustrations, and conversational text combine to engage readers as they move from preschool into the primary grades.

“The Ready Readers imprint will publish books that are timely and timeless, on topics that appeal universally to early readers,” President and CEO James Colandrea said. “From unique animals to family diversity, Ready Readers add value to classrooms and libraries with series that appeal to children across the early learning spectrum.”

Fiction and nonfiction Ready Readers books include before and after reading activities, websites to visit, glossaries, table of contents, and other features valuable for literacy instruction as emergent readers develop early fluency.


Ready Readers series include:

Simple text and relatable characters introduce and reinforce the appreciation of diversity among people and families. Includes questions that prompt young readers to think about what makes their own families unique. Fully illustrated.

Playful observations and lively illustrations convey facts about body parts and celebrate the similarities and differences in people’s physical features. Past/ present structure makes books in this series effective model texts for teaching verb tenses. Fully illustrated.

 Reptiles have many traits in common with each other. They also have some traits in common with people! Each book in this series uses simple text and vibrant photos to convey information and invites the reader to share their own knowledge through integrated open-ended questions. Great for stimulating a lively classroom dialogue about the commonalities and differences between different species: Reptiles have lungs. You have lungs. Are YOU a reptile?

How will I get there? I know! I’ll take … a boat? The subway? An airplane? This fun, informative new series introduces young readers to a variety of transportation methods. From the meter in the taxi cab to the windows on a bus, the simple text and engaging photos convey basic information about the features of each method as the reader goes along for the ride.

Charming illustrations and simple storylines feature young characters experiencing different emotions, and the ways they deal with those feelings. A perfect series to engage young students in discussions about positive ways to recognize and handle their feelings. Fully illustrated.

What are clouds made of? Why can we only see half of a rainbow? Simple text and vibrant photos introduce young readers to the science behind the things they see in the world, from rainbows to waterfalls.

How can a fish fly? What does an octopus use as a door? How do seahorse couples say hello? Simple text and vivid photos introduce young readers to intriguing sea creatures, their habitats, unique features, and behaviors.

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