Thinking––and Reading––Like an Engineer

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Their motto: We put the E in STEM. Established in 1990 as a response to predictions of a future decline in engineering talent, DiscoverE is a volunteer outreach movement that encourages engagement in K-12 education.

The organization recently wrapped up its 2017 Engineers Week, which occurs annually in February. With events held at schools, universities, and elsewhere, Engineering Week has a three-pronged focus: celebrating the ways engineers make a difference worldwide; increasing public discourse about the need for engineers; and making the concepts of engineering concrete for children, teachers, and parents.

Rourke’s commitment to publishing high-quality STEM/STEAM books that inform, engage, and entertain supports the missions of DiscoverE, along with educators, librarians, and other organizations actively encouraging students to explore the diverse opportunities in engineering.

“We support teachers and students by observing developments in education and responding with books that support those expansions,” said Rourke’s CEO, James Colandrea. “Our new engineering series, Define and Design, was developed based on experts and educators who champion engineering curriculums seeking more––and better––materials that utilize familiar topics to introduce engineering concepts in ways that make them accessible to young readers.”

The Define and Design series, available in August 2017, uses a conversational approach and topics such as sports helmets, protective clothing, and natural disasters to illustrate how engineers define a problem, study the problem, and design a solution. The point? To get students thinking like an engineer.


Check out Rourke’s other engineering titles here. And head over to DiscoverE’s website for a variety of amazing engineering projects, from rubber band rovers to pinball games.

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