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What could possibly be interesting about dead politicians or a civilization that no longer exists? You’re about to find out! Rourke’s upcoming Weird, True Facts series is a high-interest collection of the wackiest facts out there!

Extensive research supports the notion that the best way to become a better reader is to read more. But to get kids to read more, they need books they WANT to read. This series will tickle readers’ funny bones and pique their curiosity about topics from poop to presidents.

“Writing this book was a reminder that the U.S. presidents might have the most important job in the world, but they are still human at the end of the day,” said Erin Palmer, author of Weird, True Facts About U.S. Presidents. “They enjoy jellybeans and skinny dipping as much as the next guy! Humans are weird, it’s what makes us wonderful.”


Available August 2017!

Grades 2-9, 32 pages


U.S. Presidents

Human Bodies

Ancient Cultures

Holidays and Traditions



Weird, True Facts About U.S. Presidents by Erin Palmer

U.S. presidents have had many interesting nicknames, from the “human iceberg” (William Henry Harrison) to “Elegant Arthur” (Chester A. Arthur).

One nickname that really caught on was “Old Kinderhook,” the nickname of President Martin Van Buren. That’s where the expression “OK” came from!

“OK” caught on during Van Buren’s reelection campaign in 1840.


Weird, True Facts About Holidays and Traditions by Kyla Steinkraus

In Japan, traditional Christmas dinner isn’t turkey or ham with gravy, it’s a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)! Every Christmas, millions of people line up outside KFC restaurants around the country. KFC’s Christmas meal is served in festive holiday buckets. The tradition is so popular, KFC Japan recommends you reserve your Christmas meal months in advance!

This fun custom dates back to a 40-year-old marketing campaign. The fast-food chain was so successful at convincing customers that fried chicken was the traditional American holiday feast—it is now Japan’s.



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