Pitching in to Prevent Summer Reading Loss

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Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images

Summertime is a welcome break from the classroom for students and teachers alike, but experts agree it shouldn’t be a total break from learning. When steps aren’t taken to incorporate learning into summer days, significant learning loss can occur. In fact, studies indicate some students lose more than two months in reading achievement during the break. This slide especially affects lower-income students.

Reading daily can help stave off this academic backslide in kids of all ages. Research suggests reading four to five books over the summer has a positive effect comparable to summer school enrollment.

And of course, summer is the perfect time for students to dive into the books that interest them most! From exciting adventures in fiction to amazing discoveries in science and technology, summer reading provides young people with opportunities to discover more about the topics that pique their curiosity.

What can you do to help a youngster move forward instead of reversing course over the summer break? Make sure they have access to plenty of books!

You can volunteer to support summer literacy programs, help out at your local library, be a reading mentor, or donate books to summer camp programs.

Together, we can keep kids reading all year long!

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