Makerspace Movement Building in Classrooms and Libraries

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Makerspaces in classrooms and libraries continue burgeoning in popularity as educators, librarians, and researchers realize the multitude of benefits they provide students. Cited as one of six critical educational technology advancements in K – 12 education by a New Media Consortium (NMC) Horizon Report, makerspaces have the potential to provide the skill sets students need to find success in the rapidly evolving workforce, including higher-order problem solving and creative, hands-on strategies for solving real-world issues.

Makerspaces give students the opportunity to think for themselves, experiment, invent, and make connections between their studies and the practical application of those curriculums.

Rourke is excited to announce its support of this movement with book collections that provide students with a foundation for their tinkering. The Make It! series features makerspace projects that can be used to springboard independent design by introducing basic components such as: how to build a circuit and why it works; constructing motorized machines; best practices for video production; and more! Utilizing affordable materials, these 32-page hands-on activity books are sure to spark ingenuity and excitement for makers of all ages.

Make It! Coming soon: August 2017

Hardcover Title: List $32.79    School and Library $22.95
eBook Title: List $32.79    School and Library $22.95
Paperback Title: List $10.95

Circuitry and Electronics

Moving Machines

Video Animation and Photography

Craft and Design 3-D


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