Sneak Peek at Rourke’s Fall 2017 Collection

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Psst, guess what?! It’s almost release time for Rourke’s new Fall 2017 collection! Our team is thrilled to bring a diverse selection of exciting nonfiction and fiction books to market that will delight students and educators, alike.

Here’s a sneak peek at our new and continuing series available in August:

New for 2017

Fiction Chapter Books:

Galaxy Games. Science and literature unite! It’s game on in this action-packed series by Theo Baker featuring kids from all over the galaxy competing for the gold at the bi-annual Galaxy Games. Science fiction meets science fact with integrated information and engaging back matter that enhances readers’ understanding of the universe at large.


Space Face Off

Gas Giant Jump

Moon of Deception

Do Robots Get Space Sick?


G.H.O.S.T Squad. ALL CHEER, NO FEAR. Meet the G.H.O.S.T. (Girls Hunting Oddities & Supernatural Things) Squad, a group of 6th grade cheerleaders balancing schoolwork, pom pom practice, and the paranormal in this series of laugh-out-loud spine-tinglers. Includes back matter spotlighting a “real” haunted location like that in the story, information on paranormal research and equipment, author Q & A, and more.



Spook in the Stacks

Fright at the Museum

The Creepy Cathedral

Phantom at the Funhouse



Science Alliance covers an array of topics students in grades 2-4 are becoming familiar with. These books are designed to be visually engaging and full of fascinating information that excites and inspires further discovery. Books align to NGSS and TEKS standards.



Matter Changing States

Think Like an Engineer

Animal Groups

Heredity: Pass It On!

Energy Exchange

Animal Senses


Plant Parts digs into the form and function of a specific part of a plant, where it’s found and how it aids a plant’s survival. An activity in each book will demonstrate how water and sunlight play a critical role in plant growth. This series supports NGSS standards for grades 2 through 4.









Define and Design is a fun, informative look at engineering processes used by individuals and companies in developing solutions to everyday needs/ problems. Each book presents the reader with a problem that needs to be addressed, and walks them through creating and testing their solutions. Includes maker space projects to turn the reader into a doer!



From Here to There


Saving Face

Staying Warm, Keeping Cool


State Guides. Learn all about each American state’s official tree, flower, flag, bird, capital, and monuments! Interesting facts, history, and relevant data give readers a comprehensive overview of the United States’ diverse symbols adopted by each state.






Historic Monuments




Mythology Marvels introduces young readers to the basics of mythology, focusing on origin, intriguing anecdotes, lesser known but fascinating information, ties to modern culture, and more!



Greek Mythology

Roman Mythology

Egyptian Mythology

American Indian Mythology


Weird, True Facts. What could possibly be interesting about dead politicians or a civilization that no longer exists? Young readers are about to find out! This high interest series is a collection of the wackiest facts out there, written to entertain and inform.



U.S. Presidents

Human Bodies

Ancient Cultures

Holidays and Traditions


Mother Nature. Simple text and vibrant photos introduce young readers to the science behind the things they see in the world.








Ocean Animals. Simple text and vivid photos introduce young readers to intriguing sea creatures, their habitats, unique features, and behaviors.




Flying Fish




Craft It! This series will provide an array of crafty ideas for special occasion gift-giving, using inexpensive materials, a bit of ingenuity, and plenty of creativity! Step by step instructions, materials list, and suggestions for variations on the project included. Projects are designed to align with grade-appropriate arts curriculum standards.



Father’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Birthday Gifts

Holiday Gifts


Make It! This new series features projects perfect for the library or classroom maker space. Utilizing affordable materials, these hands-on activity books are sure to spark ingenuity and excitement for makers of all ages.



Circuitry and Electronics

Moving Machines

Craft and Design 3-D

Video Animation and Photography


New titles in continuing series:

Fiction Chapter Books:

Time Hop Sweets Shop. Fiona and Finley are just like any modern-day kids. They help with the family business, face struggles and triumphs at school, and travel through time with important historical figures … Well, maybe that part’s not so ordinary. At the Time Hop Sweets Shop, anything can happen, at any point in time. The family bakery draws customers from all over the map–and all over the history books. And when Tick Tock the parrot squawks, Fiona and Finley know an adventure is about to begin!

These beginner chapter books are designed to introduce students to important people in U.S. history, turning their accomplishments into adventures that Fiona, Finley, and young readers experience right along with them.


New titles:

Pastries with Pocahontas

Cake Pops with Rosa Parks

Strudels with Susan B. Anthony

Cupcakes with Sally Ride



STEAM Jobs You’ll Love introduces readers to career fields by exploring and connecting the opportunities to the study of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. These books give an overview of various jobs within the field and point out how they relate to these studies.


New Titles:

Social Media


Wildlife Conservation

Space Exploration


Engineering Wonders focuses on man-made wonders across the globe. Each book addresses the obstacles of construction, the impact on society, and the science of engineering such superstructures.


New Titles:

International Space Station





Vroom! Hot Cars. This high-interest series is a fun look at some of the hottest sports cars available today. Includes information on the car’s history, features, what sets it apart, who makes it, where it’s made, and interesting uses.


New Titles:

Jaguar F-TYPE

Maserati Gran Turismo


Mercedes-AMG GT


Ready Readers Collection:

Our Ready Readers imprint features books that span the progress young readers make from listening to a read-aloud, to reading along, to reading alone.

Additional titles for existing series:

All Kinds of Families. Simple text and relatable characters introduce and reinforce the appreciation of diversity among people and families.  Includes questions that prompt young readers to think about what makes their own families unique. Fully illustrated.


Mia’s Family

Ben’s Family

Levi’s Family

Amira’s Family


I See, I Saw

Playful observations and lively illustrations convey facts about body parts and celebrate the similarities and differences in people’s physical features. Part of our Ready Readers imprint, which focuses on books that span the progress young readers make in listening to a read-aloud, to reading along, to reading alone.








And we have DOZENS more new fiction titles coming in our Ready Readers collection. Check those out here!

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