A Q & A with Anastasia Suen, Author of Make It! and Craft It!

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Q: What made you want to write books for young people?

 A: My mother was an avid reader, so we always had books in the house when I was growing up. We went to the library every week when I was a child and there were shelves and shelves of new stories and new ideas to explore! I wrote my first picture book when I was eleven. I also started writing poetry at that age. I wrote because I was a reader.


Q: What were some of your favorite books growing up? How did they influence your writing style?

A: I read both fiction and nonfiction as I was growing up. The stories in the fiction books were so fascinating! What was Nancy Drew going to do next? I also devoured DIY books with art and gardening projects. It was so much fun to make things.


Q: How did you select the projects featured in your Craft It! and Make It! books? 

A: For the Craft It! books I included the types of projects that I loved to make as a child. Each book had sewing, painting, cut paper, clay, sculpture, and printing or stamping projects. For the Make It! books I added batteries, lights, Legos, and the movie magic now possible for everyone with computers and cell phones.


Q: What did you enjoy most about working on those books?

A: While I was working on these books, I enjoyed discovering new ways to make things! I found new art products to use and an old folk art called quilling. (Long ago, they rolled long thin strips of colored paper around a feather quill. Nowadays, of course, they use round metal quilling tools, not feathers.) I just had to try it, and now my art table is filled with trays of tiny rolls of recycled paper that I glue into colorful patterns. It’s fun!

To order books from either Make It! or Craft It! for your library, click the images below. Happy Reading!

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