Celebrate Fall in Your Classroom

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Stuff a Scarecrow Game

You’ll need:

  • straw
  • flannel shirts
  • jeans
  • yarn
  • small pumpkins
  • markers
  • straw hats

Divide students into two teams. In this relay-style game, each student will run to assemble a part of the team’s scarecrow for 30 seconds. (You can blow a whistle or yell “time” when each interval passes.) The team that completes their full scarecrow, including the pumpkin face, wins.


Host a Harvest Carnival

Push the desks aside and turn your classroom into a carnival! Students can take turns running booths and visiting the booths of their classmates.

Let your students get involved in the planning. What types of games and activities do they want to include in their carnival? Some ideas to get started include:

  • Bobbing for apples
  • Pumpkin pie “cake” walk (consider cutting pie into bite-size pieces for the winners)
  • Pumpkin painting
  • Cookie decorating
  • Guess the number of candy corns or pumpkin seeds in a jar
  • Guess the pumpkin’s weight
  • Hayrides (a small wagon with hay could be pulled around the classroom or the school grounds)
  • Apple toss (line buckets up and have students throw apples into the closest bucket first. The game ends when they miss a bucket.)
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