A Q & A with Rourke Author, Annette Whipple

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What inspired you to become a children’s book author?

I’ve always enjoyed sharing what I’ve discovered and experienced with others. (Teaching was my first career.) After years of blogging, I knew I wanted to get serious about writing for children. I think of writing nonfiction as teaching through my written words instead of spoken words.


What do you enjoy most about the writing process?

Each aspect of the writing process gives me satisfaction. The research excites me as I learn about a new topic. I’m always amazed at how revisions transform my rough draft from words on a page to a story the reader can appreciate and enjoy. But reading the published book for the first time may be the most incredible part of the writing process because the images and design elements transform my manuscript into an actual book.


When you give presentations, what is the most common question you get from students?

Students often want to know if I always wanted to be a writer. I didn’t! Through high school and even college, my writing was only average. It wasn’t until I began writing daily for enjoyment that I realized I wanted to write professionally. I took classes, read books, and attended writing conferences to improve my writing skills. I’m always learning!


Learn more about Annette at www.AnnetteWhipple.com


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