What is Informational Fiction?

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“The world is shaped by two things — stories told and the memories they leave behind.” ––Vera Nazarian

Humans are storytellers by nature. Much of what’s been passed down from generation to generation has been in the form of stories. We remember them, share them, and revisit them from different angles as we gain new perspectives. Scientific research has shown that narrative is a basic organizing component of memory: If you want someone to remember something, tell them a story.

Informational fiction goes beyond storytelling to bolster learning and engage readers in new ways by incorporating facts about a particular topic. These books also often include nonfiction back matter that provides additional details about the information presented.

Rourke’s informational chapter books and middle-grade books harness the power of storytelling to introduce or reinforce topics students are learning about in their classrooms. From science to social studies, these books inspire the imagination, spark curiosity, and support grade-level curriculum standards:


Paisley Atoms

Paisley and her best friend, Ben, embark on science-fueled adventures that lead to new discoveries––and an occasional mess to clean up. Fast-paced and humorous, each book is sprinkled with facts related to a single topic, from sound waves to magnetic properties to habitats. Back matter includes bios of influential female scientists. Excellent for STEAM collections!


History Files

Each book in this series takes place in a specific time period in United States history, combining intriguing characters and plots with relevant factual information about the era and its influencers. Back matter includes additional information and provides further context. These books are a great way to introduce an era in a social studies unit.


Time Hop Sweets Shop

This series featuring time traveling siblings introduces young readers to influential people in American history. Each fact-based book focuses on events that highlight what that person is best known for, and why their contribution was important. These books support early elementary social studies curriculums.

Galaxy Games

Science fiction and science fact combine in this space-based series. As Team Earth competes in intergalactic sporting events, readers learn about the features of planets, moons, and more. Budding young space explorers will love the back matter, which includes space jokes and information about the planet featured in the book.

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